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Frequently Asked Questions

1- Can we filter tickets/interactions using our Custom Fields from Zendesk?
With PlayVox’s new version, it is now possible to filter your interactions by using your Zendesk custom fields. In fact you can bring your custom fields from multiple service platforms. Check out PlayVox’s integrations.
2. How are agents notified of their evaluations?
Agents are notified by E-mail and are notified in our platform. Notifications can be activated or deactivated according to each user’s preferences.
3. Can I export the data generated with PlayVox?
Yes, with PlayVox you can export data in CSV and Excel formats, as well as export data through APIs.
3. We are not ready for a one-year commitment, is there a monthly plan?
Yes, PlayVox comes in monthly and yearly plans that you can choose according to your needs. If you’re interested in acquiring PlayVox you can sign up for a Free Trial or email us: sales@playvox.com.

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